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Mayfest Productions releases ‘Camp Dillo’ merchandise on new online store

Illustration by Ziye Wang
Aligned with the “camp” theme, Dillo Day merchandise includes bucket hats, water bottles and stickers as well as graphic T-shirts and hoodies.

Rise and shine, campers — Mayfest Productions launched a line of merchandise on April 18 for the 52nd Dillo Day. Anyone can buy the camp-themed items, including a “Playful Armadillo” bikini, “Sunny Armadillo” hats and a “Camp MILF” (Man I Love Fishing) T-shirt, through an online store connected to Dillo Day’s website.

Though Mayfest has produced merchandise for past Dillo Days, the organization made changes to internalize the production process and expand this year’s selection.

The merchandise is available to order now. Defne Deda, Weinberg junior and Mayfest’s co-chair of promotions, said sample items have arrived and Mayfest plans to show off the merchandise in person.

There are several products that haven’t been available in past Dillo Days, such as bandanas and candles. Deda said the idea was to incorporate “memorabilia” as well as shirts and hoodies.

Weinberg junior and Mayfest’s Co-Chair of Promotions Tyler Keim said the online store will stay up year-round, but students should order by early May if they want their items to arrive by May 18’s Dillo Day.

“I think the order volume we’ve seen so far reflects that people (a) like the merch, (b) are going to wear it and (c) are planning on integrating it into their Dillo outfits,” he said.

Mayfest members may also release limited edition items after Dillo Day, Deda said.

Communication freshman Avery England said while the designs aligned with the camp theme, the prices were too high for her to justify buying items focused on a singular event.

“I appreciate the marketing someone came up with,” she said. “I think it’s a fun choice. But am I going to buy Dillo Day flip-flops? No.”

The flip-flops cost $16.99 per pair, while other prices listed on the online store include $24.99 for a graphic tee and $29.99 for a bikini. The cheapest item is a pack of stickers, priced at $6.99, and the most expensive is a hoodie, priced at $36.99.

While Mayfest members have always designed graphics for past merchandise, the organization is no longer relying on third parties to create the items and are producing the merchandise from ideation to selling, Deda said.

“As Mayfest, we wanted to keep it as accessible and as affordable as possible without actually losing money,” she said. “So the reason why the prices are higher than maybe what the student body was used to in prior years is because the base prices are higher and the quality of the material may be different.”

Keim said Mayfest also encourages attendees to prioritize sustainability in their outfit choices at the music festival.

“We want everyone to have a good time and not worry about what to wear,” he said. “We just want to try this option where if you’re stumped about what to wear and really want to decide, you have the option to specifically find something that you’d be interested in.”

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